Die Gärten des Mondes
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Und wenn dieser Mann dich in deinem Träumen sieht,
während du in der brütenden Hitze
der Sommernacht unter dem stämmigen Ast
eines Baumes schwankst
dein Schatten verborgen
über dem geknotenen Seil,
dann wird der Windhauch seines Vorbeiziehens
deine steifen Glieder bewegen
als würdest du laufen ...

Gerüchteweise - Fisher (geb ?)[DGdM [src]]

Kapitel 5 Bearbeiten

Das 907te Jahr des Dritten Jahrtausends
Die Jahreszeit Fanderays im Jahr der Fünf Hauer
Zweitausend Jahre nach der Gründung der Stadt Darujhistan

Kruppe Bearbeiten

In his dreamworld, Kruppe walks westwards out of Darujhistan. He is small, round, loquacious and thinks highly of himself. He reaches an Inn on top of a hill, after having walked for quite a while, that has fallen into disrepair and finds a few people inside who, by the looks of it, are beggars. He speaks with these other inhabitants of his dream that possibly represent his Doubts, Gifts, Virtues, Hungers or Humility. He knows that Oponn’s Coin spins. He then decides to join in the game and try to influence the events that are to follow, on Darujhistan's side, and also in the meantime, try to help his friends.

Crokus YounghandBearbeiten

Crokus Younghand infiltrates the D'Arle estate near K'rul's Temple and steals valuables from the room of Challice D'Arle, a seventeen year old maiden. He sneaks a look at the sleeping girl who is naked from the waist up. The assassin Talo Krafar, who is patrolling the rooftops for his guild, is injured by an unknown assailant and attempts to turn the game, and ambush them from K'rul's belfry. As he is leaving the D’Arle estate, a coin drops at Crokus’ feet just as Krafar fires his crossbow at Crokus, who has mistaken him to be his apparent hunter. Krafar's assailant is actually behind him, and Krafar is killed by the cloaked assassin, who is then joined by two others who descend from the sky.


Crokus passing through Mammot's office by Kremena Chipilova

Crokus flees through the city from the three assassin-mages who have now started in his pursuit. He uses the thief lines, similiar to cloth lines but much stronger, established by the thieves in the past, which criss-cross the city, to escape. He briefly meets his Uncle Mammot and goes through the window in the house jumping to a tree, onto another building then down onto a tarpaulin before reaching the relative safety of the Phoenix Inn. The three hunters convene outside the Inn; they are at war with the Guild of Assassins and don’t want witnesses. Even though they are ready to invade the Inn to take Crokus out, the leader of the three decides that someone has intervened on his behalf, and besides, some rumors about them might be useful. They then leave.

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